Lessons and Coaching Plan Information

What do we do?

Hi, I am Julie, your Ponies, Naturally coach, and I offer lessons with your own horse, or with one of our own family herd.

We can come to you, and work with you and your horse to establish the bedrock solid foundation of your partnership using trust, communication and respect to improve your focus, feel, timing and balance.

We often get calls from people with specific issues, and usually, the answer is something that needs sorting way before the problem arises.  We do not have an answer to everything, but it seems that many issues dissolve if you get the basics sorted out from the start.

If you are currently horseless, and wanting to brush up your skills before you acquire your own horse, or upskill with an experienced horse, or you want to learn good solid foundation skills the natural way, I have a few trusted horses and ponies who are available for some personally curated lessons in horsemanship, general horse care and husbandry,we and basic riding skills.  Located in Te Horo, Kapiti Coast, our ponies  are trusted lifetime members of our herd; and range up in size from a 9.5hh mini who is known locally as ‘Madge the Legend’ for her gentle way with the littlies, to 16hh.   None of the horses are worked hard; the idea  is to show you how to build a real relationship with a horse from the ground up.  You will be partnered with one horse and will learn with him or her about the process.

Our horses are not thrashed or lined up taking lessons from random people, their welfare is paramount, and no one pony is asked to give more than 2 lessons a day, and so spaces are limited.

The lessons will start with an assessment of where you are at in terms of trust, communication and leadership with your horse. We start at the most basic fundamental of liberty – just being with, reading, and improving the relationship with your horse. Then we move on to some fundamental groundwork.  There will be elements of theory, reading the horse, horse psychology.  We will look at calming signals, ‘green lights’, focus, feel and timing.  We will work towards transferring these skills into the saddle.  the aim will be to have you safe, confident, and competent at all the basics, and with a good relationship of mutual trust, communication and fellowship, and have you capable to move into a specific area of interest, whether it be trail riding or competing or whatever your dreams are.

for enquiries email galaxie3@icloud.com

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